This online catalog of the Hartenberger World Music Collection of Historical Instruments hopes to serve as a catalyst for discovering and developing inspiring partnerships to attain the goal of establishing a physical location for the public to explore this extensive collection. 

.. We will continue to collect, preserve, and exhibit diverse and historical artifacts of the performing arts, including musical instruments, books, periodical, pictures, pamphlets, videos, recordings, and scores;
..  We will inspire respect for both musical and cultural similarities and differences among divergent cultures, countries, and ethnicities by building awareness and understanding of the role of music in everyday life
..  We will collaborate, celebrate, and preserve the artistic legacy of the Midwest region; and
..  We will bring together diverse communities and create opportunities in dialogue, and experiential and interactive learning with music.

With the addition of a physical location, we hope to bring together diverse audiences, offering them a chance to explore, experience, and develop an understanding that respects and honors the accomplishments and dreams of the rich and varied musical cultures of our world.