HornsHorns – with their unique tone colors and timbre, were used by musicians to explore the sounds of jazz.  In particular, are the wind instruments, which include the clarinet, flute, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone, trumpet, cornet and trombone. For many of the jazz players, these wind instruments were conceived as an extension of their voice, serving as an all telling expression of their personalities, talents, and emotions.
Rhythm SectionRhythm Section – are instruments that lay down the beat and establish the chordal structure in the music.  The sophisticated rhythms of jazz are an important musical element that sets it apart from other music with its link to the complex phenomenon of African rhythms.  Typical rhythm instruments may include drums and/or bass instruments, such as, string bass or tuba.  Chordal instruments may include the piano, vibraphone, guitar, or banjo.  Auxiliary instruments such as claves, bongos, or maracas may also be used, all depending upon the Jazz style and the artist’s perception of how the music is to sound and feel.
American Jazz MusiciansAmerican Jazz Musicians – pays tribute to some of the world class musicians, who perform and carry on this great American phenomenon, known as Jazz.  A brief bio on each musician is provided, in addition to the history of the instrument they played, that is in the collection.